Public Pension

Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. provides a comprehensive range of consulting services to boards of trustees of defined benefit pension plans for public employees and of postretirement medical plans for public employees.

Our defined benefit plan services include:
  • Actuarial valuations
    • Services provided by a team with years of experience with public plans in Texas
    • A review of actuarial assumptions for each valuation that includes experience review
    • A multi-step internal peer review process
  • Experience studies for selecting actuarial assumptions
  • Projections of key results for future actuarial valuations
  • Governmental accounting information
    • GASB No. 67 for the plan
    • GASB No. 68 for the employer
  • Individual benefit statements of projected benefits
  • Studies of plan design modifications
  • Studies of solutions to reestablish an adequate contribution arrangement
  • Presentations to boards of trustees and to employees
  • Drafts of ballots for employee elections considering plan amendments
  • Drafts of plan amendments for review of legal counsel
  • Calculation of benefits and taxable portion
  • Domestic relations order (DRO) review for approval as qualified DRO (QDRO)
  • Calculation of benefits for participant and alternate payee based on QDRO
  • Contribution equity formula design when employees are in different plans
  • Consultation regarding interpretation of plan provisions
  • Actuarial analysis of legislative proposals amending state law governing public plans
Our post-retirement medical plan services include:
  • Actuarial valuations
  • Governmental accounting disclosures
    • GASB No. 74 for the plan
    • GASB No. 75 for the employer
  • Studies of plan design and funding modifications
  • Presentations to boards of trustees

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