Forensic Economics and Expert Witness Services

Forensic Economics and Expert Witness Services

Some Rudd and Wisdom, Inc. actuaries provide forensic economics services making appraisals of economic loss in personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination and divorce cases. Appraisals require determination of the present value of lost compensation and benefits using appropriate economic and demographic assumptions, including reduced life expectancy and work life expectancy assumptions.

Areas of expertise include:

  • Earning capacity
    • Total earning capacity
    • Residual (mitigating) earning capacity
    • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost employer-financed benefits
  • Employer-financed benefits not lost
  • Future cost of care
  • Valuation of life care plans
  • Life expectancy
  • Reduced life expectancy
  • Work life expectancy
  • Valuation of Accrued retirement benefits
  • Comprehensive data analysis

Services include deposition testimony, municipal and federal court testimony and critiques of expert reports of economists, life expectancy experts, life care planners, CPAs and actuaries.

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